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Court Ordered Batterers Intervention Program

Acts of violence, intimidation, restraint, etc. against an intimate partner are criminal offenses. Men convicted of such crimes may be directed by the courts to attend a Batterers Intervention Program, which involves participation in regular weekly classes. The purpose of such programs is to stop domestic violence by holding offenders accountable for their behavior while providing support in developing their motivation and ability to maintain nonviolence in all their relationships.

Our program (see Central Integrity Program for details) is fully certified by the Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ICADV) as a 26 week Batterer Intervention Program. We aim to work closely with the probation department, and automatically provide them with notification of enrollments, discharges, any noteworthy incidents, and regular monthly reports on all participants who are court ordered to attend and on probation.

If you are a probation officer or are interested in referring someone to our program, please see For Referral Sources.