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Central Integrity Program

Ask men what they most deeply want in life and you'll hear answers like:

  • happiness
  • freedom
  • a happy home and loving family
  • knowing their lives matter
  • prosperity
  • respect
  • spiritual fulfillment
  • to love and be loved
  • to provide for their families
  • to fulfill some important purpose
  • to pursue their deepest, unique dreams

Our Program is designed to help men:

  • recognize their own true goals in life
  • understand how all forms of violence (physical, emotional, verbal) and abusiveness towards others undermine these goals
  • learn to live successfully through integrity and nonviolence

Program Description:

Central Integrity is a series of 26 weekly classes employing brief video scenes, group discussions, and an occasional lecture. Each class meets for one and a half hours. All participants are treated with the same respect and concern that they are encouraged to extend to others. It is understood that considering one's life and most intimate relationships honestly requires courage and hard work, and the atmosphere is supportive, and always nonviolent.

Each person bears full responsibility for their own behavior. This is a program for people who are interested in accepting and meeting this responsibility. Because their victims are NOT responsible for our participants' behavior, they are not involved in this program and do not attend any classes. If you are in an ongoing relationship with someone who is interested in doing so, that person is welcome to attend the orientation session with you to learn about our program.


The cost is $25 per class, payable prior to the start of each class. Participants with a zero balance receive an additional $5 discount.